Butternut Squash Curry

February 11, 2018

Hipster Veggie's Butternut Squash Curry!


Hey everyone!


So here is the recipe for this yummy butternut squash curry, super simple to make and absolutely delicious, there is also a video for this recipe which you can find below.

If you do try this recipe be sure to share your dish with us, we'd love to see them! :)



• Butternut squash

• Chickpeas

• (1)Tinned tomatoes 

• Coconut oil (to cook with)

• Coconut milk

• 1 red onion 

• 3-4 cloves of garlic

• 1 thumb of ginger


• Noodles, pasta or quinoa (to serve the curry with)

• (Leek, coriander, spring onion red pepper – these 3 are optional)



• Pink salt,

• Chili flakes,

• Garam masala,

• Turmeric




1) Okay, so lets start with the butternut squash and ginger; chop the squash into 3 cm cubes, and the ginger into matchsticks.




2) Chop and peel the onion, garlic and leek.



3) In a pot, over a medium-high heat, add 1 spoon of coconut oil. Once it melts, add in the onion, garlic and ginger.


Stir and cover for 2-3 mins.


4) Add in the seasonings, give it a loving stir again and add in the tinned tomatoes and coconut milk, bring to a boil and add the squash, chickpeas and leek.





5) Turn the heat down to low and cover the pot to be cooked for 45 minutes.
If the sauce is still runny, cook for a further 15 minutes without the lid to thicken.



6) Make the noodles, pasta or quinoa to be served with the curry (follow instructions on the packet), whilst all is cooking, prepare your red peppers, spring onion and coriander. 





7) When all is ready allow your noodles, pasta or quinoa to meet the curry :)

and top with the red pepper, spring onion and coriander!


















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