Ginger & Lemon Love!

January 22, 2018

This week we share with you our love for Ginger and Lemon. These two gems can be used in so many ways and have a long list of health benefits, below you will find a range of benefits that they provide and 3 ways we love to use them, including how you can too!

We love ginger and lemon because separately they can work wonders on us and together they are a beautiful combination, complementing each other and giving us that extra boost. We particularly like this combination as it is a great healer for our gut. When our gut is sad, well so are we. It affects us dramatically. Having gut problems link to anxiety, depression, mood swings/ irritability, skin problems e.g. eczema, autoimmune diseases and more. This is why looking after ourselves on the inside is most important.

Ginger and Lemon work really well on the gut lining and can support issues such as leaky gut syndrome, the gut lining helps to keep any nasties (e.g. undigested food particles, toxins, and bugs) out and leaking in to your bloodstream making us become ill. 


Below is a list of 12 benefits for each Ginger and Lemon.



Now, lets look at some ways we can use these beauties! :)

1. Smoothie / Juice


Smoothies and juices don't have to taste horrible or be boring. Here is a simple and cleansing smoothie.



Water, fresh ginger, lemon, spinach, flax and pumpkin seeds. 


You could also add pineapple or chia seeds, and use coconut water instead (optional). 



Chop up some ginger, a few lemon slices, 1 cup of spinach, 1 tbsp of flax seed and 1 tbsp of pumpkin seeds.  

Add all ingredients to a blender, start with 2 cups of water and add depending on your preference. Whiz it up!

2. Ginger and Lemon Tea


Tea! who said tea? This combo is definitely one of the best!



Simply slice up a lemon and some ginger, place into a pot with fresh water, bring to a medium to low heat and boil, turn off once boiled.


Add honey if you wish, this is optional.


Allow this to infuse for at least 5 minutes.


Be safe when pouring your infusion into a tea pot or suitable jug and yes, keep the sliced ginger and lemon in your pot / jug. Safely pour your super infusion into a mug and enjoy!

3. Detox Bath


Last but not least, why not be creative with your boosting ingredients, enjoy a hot bath with the company of Ginger and Lemon!



Simply make lemon and ginger slices, run your bath and throw them in whilst you fill up the tub.


How about adding some additional treats like petals and some essential oils? Oh yes please!


Step in, relax and brew your self in this self loving, healthy bath!


Before you go, here are some other ways to try them:


- Ginger and orange tea infusion.

- Carrot and ginger soup

- In a face steam

- Smoothie bowl

- Ginger lemonade

- Lemon water


Hey, and here are some web links where you can read more about gut health, anxiety and even more benefits of ginger and lemon. 


Examination of lemon water


Mighty Ginger


Gut Matters - Info on leaky gut and how the gut works (please note. This document has recipes but these are not vegan)


Foods that reduce anxiety video 


We hope you enjoy trying these out, be sure to leave your comments and share some pics with us!


All the love! 







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