September 24, 2017

Haldi (tumeric) is a herbaceous plant related to the ginger family. I love to use it in its whole, root form for this drink (as opposed to the powder, but the powder works too).

We all know haldi has mega anti inflammatory properties; using this drink for digestive issues is amazing. Also lemon and ginger infused water is a great way to start the day and ease our colon/GI tract into "waking up". 

- Plant mylk of choice (I love almond or hazelnut)
- Maple or date syrup
- 1 knob of haldi (or half depending on how strong you like it
- Black pepper (a few sprinkles)

Peel and roughly chop the haldi.
Add all the ingredients into a blender (I use 1 cup of mylk and 1 spoon of syrup)
Blitz it together then heat on a stove in a pan. I do it on a low/medium heat and cover it with a lid.

If you want it to be frothy, put all the ingredients into a pan over a low/medium heat, get a hand blender and blitz until it is smooth. Then pop a lid on the pan and let it heat up.

Simple, healthy haldi mylk :) No cows or humans harmed in the process.

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