August 24, 2015

 Raw, local honey tastes amazing and the health benefits are INSANE.

1. Depending on the season/flowers the bees feed on, honey comes in different flavours and colours

2. Crystallised honey is one of the signs of 100% pure/raw honey

3. Supermarkets pasteurise honey to stop is crystallising. This kills the goodness of the honey

4. Honey is one of the best natural energy sources

5. It is good for the immune system and the heart

6. Honey helps with colds, flus, muscle aches, stress relief and sore throats

7. Local raw honey builds immunity to hay fever

8. It is an amazing ingredient for face masks; it cleans and hydrates the skin

9. The antibiotic properties in honey speed up the healing time of open wounds & helps fight infections

10. Honey bees have 2 stomachs; one for eating and the other for storing nectar or water

Hope you enjoyed that little fact sheet For anyone living in London looking for local raw honey, let me know; I can put you in contact with the lovely people I get mine from! Be sure to do your own research on the food you put into your body.


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